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The Marvel Horse recode will cost an estimated $6,336.00 USD. Any donations towards the recode is greatly appreciated, as this is coming directly from the owner's personal account. The expenses amount will be updated!

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Progress       Timeline

Here is a tentative timeline of development. Will be updated as soon as we have more news! Enjoy!

Development Updates, look at us go!

This Week- Hello everyone! We finally have a wonderful working construction page! We are now working on getting our basic framework of the game started! Additionally, we have started creating the individual breeds. These will be previewed in our Newsletter!

Next Week-
- New Home Page will be coded
- Three Breeds Completed
- Newsletter Sent
- Registration Began

April 10, 2014

Hello again! I am so pleased to see all of the activity on our construction page! I have a feeling Marvel Horse will be opening with just as wonderful of a member community. Anyways, I have lots of updates for you guys! I have finally finished all of the major new page designs. In our Friday Newsletter, I will be providing lots of previews! I encourage responding to the Newsletter with feedback, and this is the time to get things changed/added in. Additionally, we should be getting in a few new Breed Arts! Remember, if there is a specific breed art you are really wanting to see, feel free to suggest skipping to it! We are currently going down the list in alphabetical order. Keep sharing our Kickstarter, and be sure to sign up for the Newsletter, here!

New Features!

we have a lot up our sleeves

New Player Profiles

The new player profile features a top friends list, wanted items, and spotlight horse! Check out the new design here, and tell us what you think! We love to hear your thoughts!

New Horse Pages

Be sure to check out the new horse pages! These designs may change due to a change in breed art and edits to the site’s design. However, let us know what you like about the new design features, so we know what to keep!

Revamped Clubs

We have perfected our wonderful Marvel Clubs! You can check out their new designs here. The clubs will be a vital part of the game, so be sure to check them out, and comment!

All New Breed Art + Concept

Our breed art and concept change is by far our most exciting change! Marvel Horse is switching to a beautiful, semi-realistic art style. These wonderful fantasy breeds almost look real! Aside from that, members are now able to create and register their own breeds! Through crossbreeding, who knows what may be generated! Stay tuned for screenshots of the new Marvel Horse breed registry, and sneak peeks of the new art style! We will add more features soon to this list! Check back soon!

Marvel Breeds

Our amazing breeds just got that much better! Check out our awesome new breed art, and let us know what you think!

  1. Abreem
  2. Aenali
  3. Aendara
  4. Alanee
  5. Alsadui

More coming soon!

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